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Curvy, Thin, or Beautiful


The ideal waistline is another differing view of beauty. Though you could say the majority of the world may consider a slim figure more attractive and healthy looking, some parts of the world like Africa and Brazil see a voluptuous figure as a sign of fetching appeal. In Mauritania; Africa, where big is beautiful and reflects wealth and health to their generally poor population, there are such things as “fat camps” where young girls are sent by their parents to gain weight  to prepare them for marriage. Young girl as young as the age of 10 are force fed thousands of calories a day; more than the boys and way above the healthy normal amount of required food your body needs all for the purpose of attaining those voluptuous curves. In a less perturbing light, Latinas have always been recognized for their curvaceous looks. Brazilian women  traditionally thought as tanned, toned, and curvy regard a well-rounded shape otherwise known as the “guitar” shape as desirable.

The generally western hemispheres could not be more polar-opposites of these countries, idea wise. A thin, slender body is viewed as a healthy look and more appealing to people. But as the world has been aware of for a while now, this beauty ideal has been over-exaggerated by the media and have pressured women to have that fragile almost “beanpole” look projected by models in the fashion industry. This has led to the development of eating disorders, and an unhealthy way of living.

When thin is in..

Though appearance and social acceptance is important, you would think it should be equally important for people to be comfortable in their own skin and to live a healthy life. The world can be a beautiful place, up until the point where that beauty may controls and damage you.

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