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Nifty Nose Plugs


Unlike my previous posts, this unusual ethnic fashion doesn’t serve the purpose of making a woman more attractive. Ironically, it serves the complete opposite. Women of the ancient Apatani tribe in India were once considered the most beautiful women in their region. Their villages were constantly raided by neighboring tribes and their beautiful women kidnapped. Thus, this traditional nose plug was born as a means to protect the women of the tribe to make them appear (a lot) less attractive to the other tribes. They also commonly tattooed their faces with a horizontal line from their ¬†forehead to the tip of their nose. This bizarre accessory no doubt served it’s ultimate goal of turning off any raider in search of a beautiful woman among the Apatani women. The tradition hasn’t been practiced by any women born after 1970 though, as the custom is quickly dying out for obvious reasons.

more about the nose plug: http://www.odditycentral.com/pics/the-weird-nose-plugs-of-the-apatani-women.html