The Point of this Blog


The purpose of this blog is to gather research by collecting feedback on “the different perceptions of beauty”, my high school 30 page research paper. I chose to write about this topic because I feel like it has a lot to do with how the world works. It is part of much larger issues such as the ever-present problem of discrimination, and sharply divides the world in some ways because our instinct to judge so quickly. What would be praised by society and considered beautiful in one country could as easily be considered unatractive and strange in another. These different perceptions make up the cultures of the world and are all based on their own values and history. I will also analyze the extent(pain) that people will go, to achieve what they consider beautiful. To be frank, coming from a generally neutral culture of beauty myself (the most extreme would be piercings,tattoos, a overly thin waist) according to the rest of the world, I am interested in exploring the peculiar cultures in the world and different factors that form the perceptions beauty; such as culture and the pressure of the media and society.  I also would like to disect the fundamental idea of beauty itself: is it true that despite the drastic difference between cultures on the perception of beauty, do we all have some similar criteria in common?

My main point of this blog is to collect feedback on your idea of beauty or the idea of beauty of the culture you grew up in. Feel free to share your opinion and thoughts! 🙂 It would be greatly appreciated. there is a “comments” button at the bottom of each post.

a keen researcher,